Autodownload Image Harvester
Screenshot from Autodownload Image Harvester
Programmed in Director and Javascript
Autodownload Image Harvester is a PC and MAC application that repeatedly downloads any internet file. It is perfect to record each image from a web-camera, or continuously download stats graphs or other dynamic images that change every few seconds. You can enter any url to any file, and then continuously download it to disk using a unique numbered filename. With this program, you could download an image every few seconds from a live feed overnight and look at all of them in the morning. You could then use these hundreds or even thousands of images in many other ways, such as importing them into a video editing program to create an animation from the series of still images you downloaded. This program is 100% freeware, with no ads, no nag screens, no registration, no spyware or malware. It runs self-contained as a single executable file and does not require special installation, won't require any setup screens or config dialogs, and doesn't need a manual. It either does the job perfectly for you or it doesn't. Enjoy! Back...

Screenshot from Autodownload Image Harvester

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