Educational Game Development Services
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We make learning fun.
Orangeview Online productions has vast experience using game technology in non-gaming applications, including AI (artificial intelligence) research projects, such as crowd movement and autonomous agent interactions, simulated molten metal physics, rigid body physics simulations (with gravity and collision detection).

We also have experience developing edutainment titles such as math games, trivia games and games for young children.

We are academics at heart. We love working on these kinds of projects and would welcome the opportunity to expand our portfolio of both educational and simulation programs.

Are you working on a project that could use our software programming skills? We invite you to contact us for an estimate.

Some Educational and Simulation projects:

Orangeview Online Productions was a freelance client game developer that made many different titles in the 1990's. We are no longer accepting clients and have shut down the business. Thanks for the memories!