Voice modem Tester
Voice Modem Tester v.2.1 Software by Orangeview Online Productions

Do you want to test your voice modem? Determine its capabilities? Change the driver options? Test the ability to record and playback .WAV files? Then this little application is for you. This utility will tell you if your modem driver supports the TAPI standard. A simple freeware utility with an uninstaller that works in Windows that performs diagnostics and lists the features of your voicemodem.

Click to download. VoiceModem.zip (1.5 MB freeware download)
No spam, no ads, no spyware, no registration.
Just a simple Win95/98/2k/Me/XP voicemodem utility.

If you use this software, please consider taking advantage of the custom software programming services that are available for businesses like yours!

Click here to download Voice Modem Tester (VoiceModem.zip)

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