Moonball - a freeware 3d action game
Screenshot from Moonball - a freeware 3d action game
Programmed using openGL in C++
Moonball © Orangeview Online Productions. Moonball is an action videogame set in a futuristic arena. Moonball is 100% freeware with no ads or spyware. It runs on almost any Windows PC with a fast video card, so please feel free to download the game and try it out. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Imagine football or hockey with rocket launchers. Shoot or push the ball and try to score. Opponent AI uses waypoints and takes visibility into consideration. Missiles home into their targets. Sparks fly. Explosions scatter your enemies. Sentry guns fire relentlessly at you. The crowd goes wild!
16MB download. Windows 2000/XP/Vista. 100% Freeware.


This new enhanced version was released September 2004. The major changes for this new version are based on user feedback. I upgraded my AI routines and programmed gameplay tweaks that increase the 'fun factor'. The AI is better so the bots move more intelligently around the arena and are better able to score on you. The game used to be too hard at first so I changed the gameplay to start easy and get harder each time you score. This way, novice players can have some fun practicing getting the ball into the net before facing the tougher AI and getting gibbed by frenzied enemy missile attacks.

Moonball was programmed in C++ and openGL, for eye-catching effects such as rudimentary motion blur on the ball, sparks, smoke, muzzle-flashes, lens flares, skyboxes, particle physics, dripping liquid, bezier curves, shiny, transparent metal and detailed rock. I also programmed an in-engine level editor, a referee system that controls game events, physics and gameplay, a clock class, 2d radar display, voice scripts and online web highscore lists. I used 3d studio max to develop a system of scripts and exporters that output curvy, shiny, shadowed world geometry and animated meshes. The 3d engine processes the meshes to go into video ram for very high framerates on new 3d cards such as the NVIDIA geForce series or the ATI Radeon. Content was also processed in order to work on low-end systems, and the engine renders less complex scenes on old computers.

Moonball v.2.1 new features:
- closer camera angle so you can see more of the arena
- several new commentator voice scripts added
- sentrygun model was invisible: fixed
- one less mp3 song so download is 2MB smaller
- the AI gets HARDER the more you score
- bots and sentry guns respawn slower giving you time to score
- additional AI type: enemy goalie that only patrols near the net
- faster load times, less RAM required, smaller download
- last minute of play and countdown timers
- online highscore list!


Orangeview Online Productions was a freelance client game developer that made many different titles in the 1990's. We are no longer accepting clients and have shut down the business. Thanks for the memories!